My venture into Youtube land!!!!

So, I finally did it. I took the plunge and started my very own Youtube channel!!!! The name of my channel is YesieMarie and I will be giving you my version of makeup tutorials and beauty reviews. I was beyond nervous about starting my venture into youtube land, yet way more excited at the same time.  I’m trying to live my life in a way where I stop being afraid or hold back, and start taking action and have some fun! Starting a youtube channel and doing tutorials was something I had always wanted to do, but held back. Until now that is!

My first video is a blue smokey eye tutorial. I decided that I wanted to do a full face look for this first video so you all can get a feel of how I like to do my makeup. I had so much fun shooting this video.  Here are a few glimpses of my look and video.(Heres the direct link for the video ).

I primed my face with benefit’s POREfessional, and I used Mac’s studio fix foundation in NW20, Mac’s pro-Longwear concealer in NW25. I used L’oreal true match powder in w5 to set the foundation, mac’s definitely defined extra dimension skin finish as a highlight and Glorify as a contour.

The eye shadows that I used for this look were, darkhorse, naked, and buck from the urban decay naked palette (the first one), Alluvium pure pigment by Illamasqua, darkside eyeshadow by mac, and virgin eyeshadow from the naked palette as well to add highlight under the eyebrow and by my tearduct. Marks get in line liquid eyeliner, l’oreal voluminous million lashes mascara and benefit’s they’re real mascara. On the lips, I used Mac’s faux lipstick and nymphette lip gloss.

I also wanted to show you guys the images for my next tutorial so, here they are!!

Check out for the full video


I also want to take this time to thank my Philly bear for all of his hard work in editing my videos as well as supporting me and pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and try something that I’ve always wanted to try. Thanks to my parents for all of their support, and a special shout out to my best friends Dominick Provino and Kristina Bannerman (soon to be Provino) for creating my youtube song! Please keep checking out my channel for more videos and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share the Yesie Marie Love!! Thanks a bunch and keep coming back for more!!!

Until we meet again,
Yesie Marie


Yes I have a problem, no I do not want to fix it!

Ladies and Gents, I have to announce, I AM IN LOVE!! (and not just with Phil)! I just MUST tell you about this AH-MAZING shoe website! The name is Lola Shoetique (isnt the name the cutest)? Now being the skeptic that I am, especially when it comes to online shopping, I was nervous to try this web store. Everything seemed sooo cute but I was most concerned about the quality of the product. Then one day, one of my friends told me about these adorable shoes that she bought. She showed me these shoes and told me that they were super comfy and super affordable. I asked her where she had purchased these shoes and I was not shocked to hear that they were from the one and only!

After my first encounter with these beautiful shoes, I dedided that I would go home and do some research (like I always do with online shopping). I love watching Carli Bybel’s videos on youtube and found out that she did a review on some Lola Shoetique products. She was just as enthusiastic as I was about how cute and fabulous these shoes were. All signs were pointing to me finally making my own purchase at Lola Shoetique (my inner shopaholic screamed FINALLY, YES)! So that night, I went online and bought not only one pair of shoes, but 5 PAIRS OF SHOES! What made me more excited was the fact that the total for all five pairs of shoes only came up to around $130!! FOR 5 PAIRS OF SHOES!! Thats AH-MAZING! Even Philip was amazed by my recent purchase!

I could not wait to recieve my shoes. Lola Shoetique is a family owned business from California that also sells wholesale shoes. Thier order response was SUPER speedy. I got my package about a week after I placed the online purchase. Thats totally amazing for standard shipping online order of shoes. When I got home from work and saw my GIANT package from Lola Shoetique, I SQUEALED in excitement. They have this amazingly cute sign on the package (picture above). The shoes were individually wrapped in this cute pink tulle bag with a cute thank you note and a business card. It felt like everything was done for me personally!

I am so in LOVE with everything about this online shop. I was like a little girl at her birthday party when I opened the box. The shoes looked just as cute in person as they did online. When you are ordering, they tell you about the fit for each shoe and for the most part, they are true to size. Only one pair were a little big but it was perfect for me because I like to put insoles in my super high heels.

I adore this website and intend on ordering more shoes for the fall/winter season ASAP! You can check them out at their website, or their facebook and instagram Lola Shoetique. I promise you wont regret ordering from here. If you know of any other website or product you know of that is interesting and worth the value that you want me to do a review on, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoy this review and spread the word!!!!

Until we meet again

Yesie Marie




So first off, I must apologize for my lateness on my posting.  I have been on vacation and have had a crazy busy few weeks.  PLEASE FORGIVE ME!! I am back though!!! Here are the updates!!! So since the last time we spoke, my BEST TRAINER EVER has been holding his own fitness training classes in the Knights of Columbus on country club road in the bronx every Monday and Wednesday at 7pm (if you are around, come join us)! These classes are NON STOP MOVEMENT!!! We begin with warm ups and do stretches, cardio, body weight training, light weight training and of course, boxing!  Let me tell you, it is EXHAUSTING but so REFRESHING!!!!

When you walk into the class, you see all of us running around, moving and supporting one another. It is such a fun and welcoming environment and let me tell you, you will sweat your ass off!!!  We definately burn a TON of calories an wake up feeling sore the next day (I certainly did). These ladies are soo much fun to work out with!  I even get to work with Nick to help train these ladies, and no, these classes are not only for women, we get guys here too (hey Phil)!!! It’s so much fun and such a great workout for only $10! You really can’t go wrong. It’s also a plus that you get to train with the BEST TRAINER EVER!! 

These classes have been helping me to consistantly maintain an lose weight slowly and safely. I have been also continuing to work out on my own, and eat my healthy, perfectly portioned meals every three hours. Eating healthy has been very helpful and importaint in my weight loss struggle.  If you are trying to lose weight, choose healthier eating habbits. The excersise is the supplement to help you tone and maintain your healthy lifestyle.  The theme for these few weeks for me has been motivation.  Some people dread working out.  Remember, working out is NOT A CHORE. If you feel it is a chore, you are just having a slight lack of motivation.  Just remember the AMAZING feeling you get post-workout.  That is motivation enough for me.  I have never met anyone who regrets working out, I have met people who regret NOT working out.  Find what motivates you and keep on going! I hate how horrible I feel after not working out, and thats my motivation, along with the support of Phil, Nick, my bff Kristina, and you guys!!!

My BFF KRIS!! I LOVE her!!!

Thank you for all of your support in my journey!  I would love to hear some of your stories and what keeps you motivated. If you have any questions for me or my crew, please feel free to comment below and follow my blog.  I will respond to you all as soon as possible.


Until we meet again,

Yesie Marie

Awesome Eye Cleanser Review!!

So, we all know my obsession with makeup right? My least favorite thing about applying makeup is the removal of the makeup. First off, if I love my look, I want to leave it on as much as possible (Who wants to erase their work of art)? My next problem is, I have such sensitive skin, especially around my eye area. It is such a pain in the butt to remove my eye makeup.  If I buy a makeup remover that totally removes my eye makeup, it burns all around my eyes and makes me tear up.  I look like I cried for days! If I buy a sensitve makeup remover, It doesnt hurt but barely removes anything so I have to continue wiping and wiping off makeup in order to completely remove they eye makeup and I still end up looking like I cried my eyes out.

Its been totally frustrating for me but I needed to find something to remove my make up and not make me look beat up in the process. I decided to go to my trusty Duane Reade. I was looking for my normal cleanser (which shall remain nameless), and one of the associates at their cosmetics counters told me they were sold out.  I explained my issues to her and she said she had a product she wanted me to try.  I am a bit of a skeptic but I told myself, what the heck lets try this.  She had me try the Lierac Paris gentle cleanser cleansing water. I sampled it on my hand and it felt so light weight and airy. It smelled fresh but not strong. It was around 22 or 24 dollars which for a drugstore product was a little pricey, but not too bad so I took it home. So that night, kind of wearily, I tried the cleanser. I used a cotton ball to wipe off the eye makeup and it removed EVERYTHING! I was shocked, but being the skeptic that I am, I thought, “oh man, now my eyes will burn tomorrow morning”. Let me tell you, to my own surprise, this stuff WORKED. I am in LOVE with this product. It only takes a little to remove all of your eye makeup and does not hurt! I did not look beat up the next day. You get ALOT of product that will last for a while because a little goes a long way with this product. I highly recommend this product for people with the same problem that I have!

If you guys have any other recommendations or products you would like for me to try out and give you a review on, please write a comment below and I will try my best to test out the product and give you a good review!!

Until we meet again,
Yesie Marie


So, I know I am late on this post, but its been a very busy two weeks for me. I sincerely apologize, but hey, here’s the deal on my TWO WEEK CHALLENGE!!! It’s been a crazy and healthy two weeks for me. I have been so determined to make my TWO WEEK CHALLENGE goal for you all to prove that it can be done. I have been working out with my trainer Nick like crazy, doing all the workouts we discussed last fitness Friday. It has been intense, and I loved EVERY second of it! In case you don't remember, I made a TWO WEEK CHALLENGE to lose three pounds in two weeks by eating healthier and working out with my trainer. Well ladies and gentlemen, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! I lost the three pounds in TWO WEEKS! That may not seem a lot to some of you, but for me IT IS A MILESTONE and only just the beginning.

I will tell you, I had been so good with my eating habits. Phil (my boyfriend) joined in on my diet plan and the first thing we did was go grocery shopping. We ate a diet of lots of lean proteins and moderate amounts of carbohydrates. We had our herbalife shakes for breakfast, and ate perfectly portioned snacks and meals every three hours. Our snacks were usually either fruit and almonds, fage greek yogurt, carrots and hummus, or a protein shake. We each drank only water and protein shakes, we wanted to get rid of the unnecessary sugars that even fruit drinks contain. I must tell you, we felt SO much better, had so much more energy and our skin started looking more glowy. After one week, we no longer craved the usual (unhealthy) foods that were around.

Nick (my trainer) totally followed through with the plan he made for me in the last post. We had such intense workouts. I was literally drenched in sweat after EVERY workout. I worked out with him four times each week. We did a different, but equally intense workout each day. Lots of movement and using my body weight to help tone and shed those pounds. It totally worked. He had as much faith and determination in helping me with this two week challenge as I did, and I am so happy to say WE DID IT! I’m so greatful for the support that Phil and Nick gave me (Phil even lost two pounds, not that he needed to but hey, thats awesome)! We did great, but the TWO WEEK CHALLENGE IS NOT OVER! I plan on continuing this two week challenge with you all until I reach my goal. I would love for you all to join in this challenge with me, share your successes and even your rough patches with me. I appreciate all of your support and I AM HERE TO SUPPORT YOU ALL AS WELL! Now, I have another CHALLENGE ACCEPTED for myself. I will set myself to lose three pounds in two weeks again! Next TWO WEEK CHALLENGE I will have Nick set my goal so WISH ME LUCK!

Any questions you have for Nick, Phil, or myself, just feel free to comment below and I will get you the answer as soon as possible. Please follow and spread the word!!


Until we meet again!
Yesie Marie

It’s my (belated) Birthday, I can post what I want to!

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday!!! Gemini baby!!! I had TONS of fun with my family and a fabulous night out at Pulse karaoke with my friends. We had such an amazing time. We sang our hearts out to tons of songs with a pretty fun crowd! I really must say, this was one of the best birthdays I have celebrated in a LONG time!

Now you all know I am a makeup artist, so you know I had to make my face look pretty awesome!! I wanted a pretty fun look without being too overwhelming so I decided to do a neutral eye with a POP of green in the center. For my foundation I used my Armani Luminous silk foundation which is sooo lightweight and leaves a nice airbrushed finish. The neutral colors on my eyes are all from the bh cosmetics tropical matte pallet. The little POP of green was from my personalized Inglot pallet. I used a mac liquid concealer under my eyes and blended it with the second to lightest shade of bh cosmetics ten concealer pallet. My eyeliner was the waterproof black eyeliner from my Mark cosmetics line (of course, I told you all mark makes the BEST liquid liner available here ) and my mascara on my natural lashes were from mark as well, they are called lash act and make it big (I like to mix my mascaras for a fuller effect). I did NOT put any mascara on my false lashes, only my natural lashes becaue I personally like the fuller effect. Now for my lips, I blended two OCC lip tars together. The lip tars have cute names, Electric Grandma and Radiate. These colors last FOREVER with such a little amount that you have to use. OCC lip tars are also vegan which is a plus for me.

I wanted to make my eyes stand out even more, so I decided to use these FABULOUS Velour lashes that I had purchased at this years IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show). Let me tell you, these lashes are AH-MAZING!! These are cruelty free mink lashes! Each pair of mink lashes that they make are individually handmade and cruelty free by using the shedding process and sterilization (you know I LOVE my animals so I try to only use cruelty free products). They were soo easy to put on and so lightweight throughout the night (and into the morning since we were out sooo late)! These lashes really made my look for the night. I recieved sooo many compliments and felt like such a celebrity! The specific lashes that I used were the T Dot Oooh!!! (cute names as well)! These lashes can be used up to 25 times if you take real good care of them. Their website has a section to teach you how to properly care for these lashes. I can not WAIT to buy some more! (Check out their web shop here! Velour Lashes ).

Now I told you all that I am not a stylist, but I love fashion and I love to look and feel good. I decided to wear a cute sheer leopard print top that was peplum style with a plain black tank top and a cute gold bow belt. I bought my top and belt from a store called Joyce Leslie that has all of the latest trends at EXTREMELY affordable prices. I wanted to keep it casual and comfy so I paired this top up with some cool faux leather leggings. I know I am barefoot in these pictures, but I paired this whole outfit with my black Tory Burch Reba Flats. I felt soo cute for my birthday and the outfit was appropriate for the occasion.

The best part of my night was the fact that my AMAZING boyfriend Philip, planned it all. He made my night so memorable. We sang together and had so much fun. He was such a cutie in his outfit! The ladies in the room swooned over him the minute he went up to sing (I forgot to mention, we are a singing couple, so basically, Phil has a really good voice)! I want to give him a shout out for making this birthday so special, for taking ALL of my pictures for the night, and just for being the greatest boyfriend ever! Ok, mushiness over now! I hope you all enjoy this Special Belated Birthday post and If you have any more questions about my makeup, my outfit or even Phils outfit and camera, please feel free to follow me and to comment below and I will be happy to answer!!

Until we meet again!
Yesie Marie


(Ahhh! No makeup!! Eh, its FITNESS FRIDAY!)
Whos ready to get FIT!!! I know I sure am! Lets kick off FITNESS FRIDAY!!! Fitness and healthy eating is something that is important to me in my daily lifestyle. Growing up, I had horrible eating habits and was a chubby kid. I didn’t know much about fitness but I knew I LOVED physical education at school. As I entered high school, I began to lose weight because I was now able to take a fitness class in school. I LOVED every second of the aerobics and weight training, and I was able to keep the weight off with all of the information taught for a few years. As I got older, (sigh…) life became busier and more difficult. I began to forget about making “me time” and began stressing more than ever. I started to put on the pounds again. I began to get frustrated with these changes that were happening and wanted to do something about it. It was that one fateful day that my best friend Kristina asked me to go to a kickboxing class, that changed everything.

The gym that Kristina took me to was called Krunchtime Fitness on City Island. We met Anthony, the owner of the gym, and Nick, my future trainer and friend. The gym is a nice, personal and intimate place. Its not overwhelming or unwelcoming. They also have a juice bar called JUICE ME which is pretty awesome! I LOVED the kickboxing class. I LOVED this gym. I kept on going back for more. I decided I wanted to do more than just classes so I asked Nick to train me. First I was going only once a week, now I’m going four times a week. Nick is a nutrition coach and an Herbalife coach. Nick taught me how to eat healthier and put me on the DELICIOUS Herbalife shakes.

Nick loves his Herbalife!

We work out like CRAZY, but its been much more difficult for me to reach my goal. I am SUPER determined to make my goal! Now this is where the fun begins. Nick and I decided to start a TWO WEEK CHALLENGE that I wanted to share with you all. So Nick and I will be working really hard for the next two weeks to try and lose just three pounds (hey, don’t judge, I figured I’d start low, haha). I would be following my healthier eating habbits with the help of Herbalife, and working my big booty off with intense training!! For this week to get things started, I wanted to formally introduce you all to Nick by interviewing him and asking him about his plan to kick my butt into shape! So here it goes!!!


Yesie Marie: How long have you been boxing?
Nick: Ever since I was a teenager I had a desire to learn how to box. I started boxing when I was 21 years old. So I am closing in on 10 years now.

Yesie Marie: How did you start boxing?
Nick: I was working out at a gym in Westchester ( Elmsford ) and it was a little hole in the wall gym. They had a small room with a heavy bag in it. When I would finish my weight training I would go upstairs and start hitting the bag, not really knowing what I was doing. One day I went upstairs and noticed a guy training someone in boxing. That guy’s name was Joe Silva and he offered to give me a free session. After that I ended up training with him for 6 years and the rest is history thanks to Joe and all he has taught me.

Yesie Marie: How did you get your started with Herbalife? And what do you like most about Herbalife?
Nick: Three years ago I moved to San Diego. My buddy and I picked up and took off with nothing but a couple suit cases of clothes. We had no jobs or housing lined up. I came across an ad about becoming a nutrition coach. I decided to give it a shot, but before I did I wanted to try the Herbalife products. I wanted to make sure this was a company I wanted to get involved with. I also have Colitis (disease of the small and large intestines). Before starting with Herbalife I was taking 20 pills, 3 antibiotics suppositories and 2 enema’s every day. The Herbalife products helped so much that I was able to stop taking all medications and haven’t experienced a flare up since. That made me a believer!

Yesie Marie: What type of training do you like best or find most efficient?
Nick: Personally, I will go with boxing training everyday of the week. Personally I have had excellent results boxing and many of my clients have had fantastic results from my boxing training. It is the complete full body workout. Not only is it a great physical workout, but it is also a great mental workout. For anyone who has not tried boxing, try it and you will know what I mean.

Yesie Marie: What is your favorite thing about training?
Nick: What I love most is helping my clients reach their fitness goals. There is no greater feeling than when my clients reach their goals and I know I have helped them achieve that fitness goal.

Yesie Marie: What do you think is the key to reaching or maintaining a fitness goal?
Nick: The DESIRE and DRIVE to change your life. You need to have a burning desire to achieve that fitness goal. I also believe that people who diet alone will never maintain their goals. It’s all about nutrition and changing your lifestyle. Learning to eat right instead of trying a diet and never starving or depriving yourself of the right nutrients. Living a healthy life style.

Yesie Marie: Do you think we can reach my goal in two weeks and how will we do so?
Nick: 3 pounds in 2 weeks? Absolutely! Hard work, dedication and healthy nutrition.

Yesie Marie: Who is your favorite client??? (Haha just playing, you don’t need to answer!!!)
Nick: Do you even have to ask me that question?

So now that you know a little about my trainer, I asked him what training we would be doing for the TWO WEEK CHALLENGE and why it works, here was his answer…

Boxing – Weight loss, increased agility, muscle tone, it is a full body workout. It works every bone in your body including your mind.
Calisthenics – Muscle tone, fat burning, endurance.
Cardio/ Core/ resistance training
Why will we do these workouts?
Because I believe these workouts are the best workouts we can do for your fitness goals. We never want to do the same thing every session. You need to shock your muscles.
How do you shock your muscles? By working out a different body part or doing a different style of training.
Boxing, I believe, will be the most beneficial. You burn a ton a calories and you gain lean muscle which is our goal.

I am extremely nervous, but extremely ready to start this TWO WEEK CHALLENGE! I know this was a long blog, but I needed to share this because I know there are others out there like me who are having a hard time reaching their goals. I wanted to share my motivation and support with you all, and maybe you will join in on the TWO WEEK CHALLENGE with me! YOU CAN DO IT! No one said it would be easy, but it’s worth it. I have a supportive boyfriend Phil, a great Gym (KRUNCHTIME BABY!) the BEST TRAINER EVER Nick, and now I hope to have your support. I would love for you all to share in your accomplishments and setbacks with me! We are all in this together. I will be back with my fitness Friday TWO WEEK CHALLENGE results in exactly two weeks from today. GOOD LUCK!!

Me and the best trainer EVER!

Until we meet again,
Yesie Marie