Halloween week at work!!

Hey everyone!!! So as you know, today is halloween and it is one of my FAV holidays!! I get to experiment and play with different ideas and makeup looks. This whole week I had to Portray a different creature or character through my makeup. Monday was Egyptian day so I decided to have fun with blue eyeshadow, black liner, and gold EVERYWHERE!! I used a necklace from Charlotte Russe as my headpiece, and was inspired by the eye of Horus for part of my eye look. The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, power and health.


My my next look was a fun one! It was disney day so we could be any disney character. I ADORE everything disney, but I thought being a disney princess was too simple. I decided to go a different route and become Tim Burton’s version of the mad hatter! This look was created with the help of Makeup forever’s flash pallet. I placed white all over and then used some sugar pill shadows to create my colorful eye and contour look. The best part of this look was I got to creep Philip out (hehe)!


(Creepy, no?)

Now our next look was BY FAR my favorite one! We had to do a Tim Burton look so I decided to be Emily from The corpse bride, one of my favorite movies. I wanted to get into character so I watched the movie the night before. I spray painted a grey wig with some blue hairspray and applied tons of blue, black and grey EVERYWHERE to shade and create my corpse bride look. I was EXTREMELY pleased with how this look came out, what do you guys think? image

Our next look was simple and cute. It was mermaid or fairy day. I decided to be a weird mix of both. I used tons of pink and purple shadows, a few stencils and rhinestones thanks to my wonderful cast member Morgann, and Kat Von d everlasting liquid lipstick in Ayesha. I think this was a super cute look!


My last look was a popular villain look. I, being the disney fan I am, decided to do Maleficent, Angelina Jolie style. This look was created with all Kat Von d products from her shade and light pallet for the contour, to her thrasher gold eyeshadow and everlasting liquid lipsticks. I used extreme contouring to sculpt those distinct cheekbones that  Angelina Jolie’s version had.


So you see my friends, Halloween is such an amazing time of year for a makeup artist! So much creativity, so many ideas, and just plain old fun!! Tell me about your halloween looks and let me know what you thought of mine!!!!

Until we meet again!!

yesiemarie  ❤


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